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I am looking for a good reputable CPA in the Houston area that has a background in real estate investing and is also an active investor. I live in League City but I'm willing to drive to surrounding cities within the Houston area. Thank you in advance to everyone that provide any leads or recommendations.

why?  A CPA is for tax planning and tax filing.  There are thousands of CPA's in the Houston area. Any one will be helpful for taxes. Technically being a CPA means you are a professional accountant and plays by a set of rules.  Reputable.  

from all the reading and discussions from various forums, they recommend having a CPA with experience in real estate on your power team that works a lot with investors and/or is an investor. What's your thoughts?

I never really had a team. Just me and the wife.  I come to know some bankers. The abstract company sends my abstracts to an attorney. He now does all my work.

I just don't see that a power team is necessary. There are professionals everywhere that will take care of my business. 

Learn the business. Get after it.

What is a power team?

thanks for the advice. Power team are members of your team that that will be your point of contact while running your business( e.g . Real estate agent, attorney, CPA, general contractor, title agent, banker etc).  

thank you Doug for the recommendations. I will let them know you referred me:) Have a great day!!

@Shevaughn Rawlins Hey Shevaughn, I've got a great CPA. I'll shoot you his information via PM.

Lyall- thank you for the referral! I will check my inbox for the information. 

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