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I'm looking to join a few investor networking groups in the Metro Detroit area. Any BiggerPockets members involved in any that they recommend ?

I am a part of Ann Arbor Real Estate Investment Club. 


Is there a mailing list I can join or do they have a Facebook page ?

They have a page on meetup. You can sign up for an account and search real estate.  They have all kinds of groups on there. 

Hey Cierra,

I'm a part of 2 groups. Renegade Detroit Investor's in Berkley meets the first Tues. of every month (meets this tuesday) and Michigan Real Estate Investors in Troy meets every Third thursday of the month. I don't think I'm allowed to put the links on here. Just google the names for more info. Both are great groups.... Good Luck!

Mike Dundon

Thank you @Michael Dundon I will surely look into both of those groups.

@ Michael Dundon

Wendy Patton is at my Keller Williams office in Novi but I haven't been able to make her group yet. 

The three groups mentioned on here (Ann Arbor, Renegades, and MREI) are the three I would recommend as well.  For one more, there's a good group that meets sometimes in Canton (also on meetup).  Good luck!

@Cierra Seay  , contact Tom N. 

 and he will add you to our Metro Detroit Real Estate Investors Meetup event email list as well. 

Let's not forget about the REIA of Macomb. They meet in Warren on the last Tuesday of each month. They can be Googled as well.

REIA of Oakland has been a great resource for me as well.

Wayne County REIA meets the 1st Tuesday every month at the Red Lobster on Eureka in Southgate at 6:30PM. It's been a good resource, I've learned a lot and gotten good contractor references.

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