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Hey there. I have been doing a lot of research involving Detroit and how it can be a great place to invest for buy and holds recently. The biggest thing I have learned with the area is that it is VERY important to get something in the right area. It seems like most prefer the suburbs a little further out from the city where crime is lower and investments are less risky.

Long story short I am looking for a real estate agent in the area. I live in Washington, DC, and plan on visiting Detroit soon to check the area out, but I have no prior experience with it. I need an agent who knows the area and has some experience with investors. If you have someone for me to get in contact with, please let me know!



Hi Mike,

I got your message and replied using the email you provided.  There are lots of very good areas in the Detroit suburbs. You have to be very careful though. Having a good team on the ground to help guide you is invaluable.  Looking forward to speaking with you.

Hi Mike,

My name is Cierra I am a new investor but I will soon be a licensed agent in Michigan. I was born and raised in the city but I now live in the suburbs. Long story short I know the ins and outs of Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. Feel free to email me so we can talk more about exactly what you're looking for I would love to work with you.

Hi @Mike Sheppard  

Working with the right team and someone who has experience in the area will make all the difference in making a smart investing decision. Aside from the city, the surrounding Metro areas (Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne county) have been seeing nice improvements in inventory and sale prices as well.

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