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Can anyone recommend a good handyman in Seattle? I am looking for someone to complete a partially completed, very straight forward 2 bed/1 bath apartment turn in Seattle. Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi Kathy,

I have worked with about 5 different handymen in the Seattle area. But your project will need more than a handyman to finish. I have a particularly qualified contractor who works in Seattle proper and as far out as Lake Stevens. I'd like your permission to have him phone you. Please connect and lets talk.

Sorry to sidetrack, just curious. Are you looking to rent your 2/1 after everything has been completed? Looking to move into Seattle (currently living in Renton) very soon but having trouble finding the right place. Thanks in advance!

Hi Kathleen.  I have a great contractor we have used twice with great results here in Shoreline. the owner has high integrity and his workers do very good work. They were very affordable and again, high quality work. I don't have a good handyman yet but let me know if you find one. I am putting together my "oh crap" resource list. Let me know if you are interested in our contractor and I can get you his number.

Hi @Mary Russell  and @Anthony Giannette .

I'm a new investor in Seattle (focusing mostly in the south/southwest Seattle area) and I'm also looking for good contractors.  Would you be willing to share your contractor information as well?

Thank you @Mary Russell and @Anthony Gannett for your help!  @Andre Palmer, I would love to talk with you.  Please contact me directly when you have a chance.

Thanks again everyone!

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