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I am moving to Tampa and I was curious if anyone had an idea of how the housing market is right now. Are there still some good deals or is it starting to boom? Just wondering what to expect or where the best areas to look. Any ideas, suggestions, and information is welcome!

I just sent out about 1000 mailers in the last few weeks to absentee owners and so far, people are really squeezing me.  Im getting a lot of "make me an offer" or "my absolute bottom price is...."

Prices here have gone up pretty quickly and sellers seem to be more in touch with current market prices.  I know there's still got to be motivated sellers out there....I just haven't stumbled on many yet.

My own personal home is almost back to where we were before the bust after dropping off a cliff.

Hi Leon, It really depends on location. I'm seeing better deals and more inventory in Pinellas County (Clearwater, St. Pete, Largo) areas. I still believe there's opportunity, but you'll need to stay away from highly competitive areas like South Tampa where home prices are higher. 

What is your goal? Are you looking for a personal residence, or looking to buy and flip?

Rae Catanese

RE/MAX Bay to Bay

Hi Rae,

It's a little of both...currently I have a home in Tampa but I'd like to have a bigger home for my family. I am open to either strategy and I'd like someone to work with. I have been wanting to work with you for a long time so I'm glad you reached out. I'll keep in touch with you! 

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