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Hello, My name is Carey Usher, 48 years old.  I live in Richmond Indiana.  I am currently looking into many abandoned properties that might have potential to become investments as buy and hold and/ or buy and sell for profits. I joined late last year on here. Was just learning all I could until my set back occurred.  I was stricken with BELLS PALSY. it has taken months for me to get mostly recovered from this.  As it effected my eye sight in a terrible way. not only the right eye , but also left eye was very light sensitive. I am back in the game of learning what I can and really could use all advice possible on things that helped to be successful in flipping and so forth.  And would really like to connect with anyone or all possible members who have experience. in flipping.  I look forward to link up with all possible connections here. 

Thank you all.   Carey Usher

Welcome @Carey Usher  !

- it's always good to see another Hoosier utilizing this great site!

Of course, you need to read The Ultimate Beginners Guide to REI here on BP

If you haven’t already, please read/listen to these books ASAP!

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dads Cash Flow Quadrant

Rich Dads Increase your financial IQ

The Real Book of Real Estate

The ABC’s of RE Investing

The ABC’s of PM

Rich Dad RE Tax Advantages

The E-Myth

The 4 Hour Work Week - free e-book

Flip2freedom episode 77[] - podcast - LISTEN TO THIS TODAY!


Wholesaling101 You Tube Channel

Kent Clothier – You Tube Memphis Invest channel

Welcome to BP.  Sounds like someone is infatuated with Robert Kiyosaki. 

However well meaning the advise, I wouldn't get too attached to any one person's investing philosophy. 

You health is your wealth. Suggest you don't reveal the specifics of either online. Trust me on this for now.

Learn everything you can. Become a sponge. Many will be interested in your wallet. Some will want to charge you big money. Keep your credit cards in your wallet and leave that at home when you to go to events. You are entering a new world and don't need to invest much money in education yet. Mostly, invest time in studying and watching and listening. 

There are many different ways to make money related to real estate, both in the business of real estate, lending and investing in property, notes, etc.  

Learn the foundations, this is, the basic principles that make real estate a great investment. Learn about the transfer and lending documents, sales documentation, deal structuring, everything that you can. 

Ignore the voice in your head that says, "I can't do this because..."

And listen to the small voice that says, 'Yeah, I can do this. I just need to learn more about...'

Thank you Derrick Craig....look forward to getting more involved on here...

Carey Usher

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