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Help, I manage a property and having a heck of a time getting the tenant to leave. I am in San Diego County and need a good attorney that can get this tenant out. I manage a restaurant and have a tenant that has consistently been paying late and has now stopped paying. I hired a local county guy Tierrney, Kimbal, etc. and we filed a 3 day and 30 day notice to vacate (on a month to month) and one of the tenants (partnership of 2) filed bankruptcy. It took about 30 days, but the Stay was released and then just as they were about to be re served, the other partner filed bankruptcy. Now it will take another 30 days without rent. That will be a total of 4 months without rent and the client could loose their property. What can be Done???? Do you know an attorney in San Diego that could get them out, despite all these obstacles? The tenant is constantly lying, like saying my client would not accept the rent and they said they have paid in full - lie after lie after lie. What can be done? seeking your help.


@Richard Alvarez  we used KTS Law (who you're using) for well over 100 eviction cases. We never had any issues with them and they always seemed to get any holdovers out without any real issues. Just stay on top of them and you should be ok. Unfortunately California is very tenant friendly and there is not much you can do about that. Best of luck to you and let us know if you have any updates.

@Richard, sorry to hear about these tenants. I haven't heard of KTS but I used Daniel E. Marshall  for my last eviction upon referral from a friend. He's a bulldog of an attorney but I think even lawyers have their limits within the law. Best of luck.

I have worked with many different attorneys in the San Diego area and now solely work with KTS and refer them to all my clients. You are in good hands.

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