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I'm looking for a good listing agent in the south Seattle area (West Seattle, Burien, Seatac, Des Moines, maybe Renton) to sell my properties quick.  The agent must have a very low average DOM with his/her listings.

Note: I'm a new investor and have yet to do my first deal.

I currently have a real estate agent, and any deals that I get through her I would also list through her.  However, I'm also venturing into finding deals on my own (such as pre-foreclosures) and am looking to have another agent or two on my team, just in case someone gets extremely busy or goes on vacation.

I've been impressed with Heaton Dainard's agents and listings.  They have an average of 13 days on market (the last couple of properties I looked at from them went from active to pending within a week), and I love the quality of their listing photos.  But their DOM could just reflect the current market right now, right?

I've also recently come across Redfin, which I would only need to pay 1.5% in commission.  It looks like this may be the way to go if I want to lower my expenses.  But I wonder... am I sacrificing quality?  Does anyone in the Seattle area have experience listing with them?

What about flat fee agents?  Has anyone had good experience with them?

Thank you in advance!

Low days on market almost certainly has a lot more to do with getting the price right than the specific agent you choose.  Any agent could get a single digit DOM simply by pricing every listing at 50% of the market value.  Conversely the best agent in the world won't move a property that's overpriced.

@Nghi Le  

  You mentioned that you already have a real estate agent that you are working with to bring you deals. Is there a reason why you are not using her to list this house? 

@Jon Holdman  

You're absolutely right.  I really have to find one who knows how to sell for the right price.

@Tiffany Plovie  

I do have an awesome agent right now.  She's helping me find deals and is my buying agent; I also told her that after I flip a deal that she helped be to purchase, I'd list with her.

I haven't closed on a deal with her yet, and I currently don't have a house to market.  But I'm planning for the future.

I was taught that I should have more than one agent (contractor, lender, etc) on my team for best results.  This is in case my agent becomes too busy (since I know she works with a lot of investors) or goes on vacation.

@Nghi Le   ultimately it is YOU who set the price, not the agent.  The agent can give you their advice, but you set it.  Many sellers want to go for a high price to maximize their returns.  I think that's a bad strategy.  Instead, get it on the market at a good price and you will get offers quickly.

IMHO, the listing agent just isn't very important. The goal is to get it on the MLS. From their its visible to all prospective buyers. For that matter, get a license yourself, hang up a shingle with a local broker and do your own listings.

Multiple agents may sound good.  But if they find out you're using multiple agents they're going to be disincented from really working too hard for you.

@Jon Holdman  

I see.  I guess it may be better to just work with her to list my properties, and if she does get too busy or goes on vacation, she probably will have someone else in her firm to refer me to while she's away.

I am a Seattle-based real estate investor and broker.  In the brokerage side of things, I primarily work with investment-focused clients.  Even for the buyers looking to purchase their own home, I work with them to find the best undervalued deal that fits their needs.  

My focus is on high cash flow, high appreciation, and arbitrage/flip opportunities.  Let me know if you have any questions in those areas!  Best of luck.

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