Good Contractor in the DC & Baltimore Area

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Hello my name is Michael Johnson of M. Fitzgerald Investments.

We are doing WHOLESALING DEALS!!!!!!

We are looking for a licensed & bonded contractor who can compose estimates with a 12 to 24 hour period.    

PS: The estimate must be complete with the contractors contract.  License number must be on the contract or estimate.  We will provide a template if you need one.  This can be an opportunity for you.  

If you're wholesaling these deals and not rehabbing them yourself, then what is the contractor getting out of the deal?  Sounds like they'll be providing bids with essentially zero opportunity of ever getting the work (or getting paid).

I know you probably think you'll pass the bids on to your end-buyer so your end-buyer may use the contractor, but in reality, serious end-buyers will have their own contractors and will generate their own repair estimates.

Moved to the recommendations in case someone has a recommendation.  But I'm pretty certain the only way you'll get someone to do this estimates with very short notice on properties you don't even own is to pay for them.  The odds of them actually getting the job are just about zero, so they're going to want to be compensated for the time they spend making the estimate.

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