Any Feedback on Real Property Management NW Indiana

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Hello BP Nation:

Looking for a PM company in NW IN and came across:

Real Property Management NW Indiana when searching for PM threads in BP and found few recommended the RPM of central IN area.

Any feedback or recommendations for PM companies in NW IN is greatly appreciated.


RPM Indy Metro West is not too bad.   I've used them for 3 years.

It's a franchise and all are independently owned/operated.

Anybody have any experience with RPM in Milwaukee??  Or have any other recommendations for Property Management in Milwaukee?  

I use RPM for my duplex in an Indy suburb.  I closed on my duplex in Dec unfortunately, so it sat empty for a few months (it was a cold winter).  They got a tenant in for me in Feb, then the other one in March.  They charge 10% plus $20 per unit if you want their eviction protection.  They also performed an inspection recently and charged $50 per unit and do gutter cleanings twice a year at $96 per unit.  I wasn't aware of the gutter cleanings or inspection charges when I signed up with them so that caught me off guard.  But so far so good.  I had listened to a Jason Hartman podcast where he interviewed an Indianapolis investor & author, Barb Getty, and contacted her to see who she would recommend since I'm not from the area.  She recommended RPM so I went with her recommendation.

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