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Hi there BP,

I am looking at the market of Pensacola, FL.  I don't see a lot of posts on this site for that area. I live out of state, and I have invested in Florida in the past, mostly Central FL & Southwest FL, but have yet to invest in the Pensacola & Surrounding areas (Within 45 min of that area).

Before I do anything, I would like some advise from investors in that area that are on the ground there. How is the market & neighborhoods (What areas to stay away from, what areas to buy in).

I am looking to build a team there if I dive-in. First, I am looking for a broker on the ground, a property manager, photographer, contractor, and investor-friendly Title Company.  If anyone has any referrals in these areas, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much,

Brett Snodgrass

Hey @Brett Snodgrass  

From another post on florida title - Ryan Kopczyk is doing title mainly for investors here at Florida. I would give him a call to see if he knows more people also at Pensacola and perhaps that can help start building your team. I'm in Florida but at the Palm beach area (so too far for me) My wife's cousin recently moved Pensacola as her husband is in the army - apparently a big base over there, so those would be some of your target customers. Best of luck, cheers!

-Eduardo Cardena

P.S. I don't charge for typos. They're just my gift to you. ;0)

@Brett Snodgrass

Likely in that area you will not find many people here on BP with experience there. It is not as small like some parts of rural Alabama (where I am from), but most are still doing business without the technology. I would suggest you try to contact several local brokers until you find an investor friendly one. You do have Corry Station and NAS as the main base hubs there. Corry is a training base primarily so you will not have many long term tenants from that pool. NAS is a duty station but of course you will deal with transitions every few years. There are some crime ridden areas around Pensacola not far from the bases.  

I would help more if I was living in the area,  I am licensed in Alabama and work mostly in Montgomery which is not too far from Pensacola. I have family in Pensacola so I will reach out to them and brokers I know in Alabama and see if I can get you some contact information for someone that can help.

Thank you for the information, I appreciate it.


Matt Robinson is a long time investor in the Pcola area.  He has a great investment club as well.  I suggest you contact him first.  Here is his club info:

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I am located in the heart of pensacola, I have little to no experience investing but am studying to begin investing here within the next year. Stay away from southwest pensacola, brownsville, and ensley. If the street name is a letter ie" M street, F street" its probably in a bad area of town, the lower down the alphabet u get (downtown streets) the further your going from the center and the worst the properties get. Like i said im no proffesional and am looking to ge started in this area myself. 

Originally posted by @J Benoit:

Matt Robinson is a long time investor in the Pcola area.  He has a great investment club as well.  I suggest you contact him first.  Here is his club info:

I searched BP for Matt Robinson and couldn't find him in Pensacola. Is he on BP?

Wow...lots of misinformation here in this post. Pensacola is too small for technology?  Seriously?

Your best advice has come from @J Benoit. The 'PIG' club is active and growing and would be a good place to tap into for the team you're looking for. They also have a list of preferred vendors available to members. 

I just picked up a home in town yesterday from one of the wholesalers in the club. First American Title on Scenic hwy is an investor friendly Title co. 

This town has it all: waterfront, tourism, steady military presence, slums, burbs, etc. something for everyone. 

Good luck!

@Brett Snodgrass  

Hey Brett

Im a Realtor here in Pensacola and it is a great place to invest in. I have been investing here since I was a senior in high school. Give me a call or email me if you have any questions or need any information. I am a member of (P.I.G.) and it is a great group. The founder of the group Matt Robinson is not on BP but he does have a lot of information and is quick to help anyone.

Originally posted by @Brett Snodgrass :

No I don't think Matt is on here but he is definitely active in this market. The website for our REIA is and find us on FB at pensacola pig as well. Brett as for the surrounding areas of pensacola I would suggest Pace, south Milton, Navarre, Gulf Breeze, and Fort Walton Beach. For a good title company in the pensacola area I would recommend First American Title. For the Fort Walton Beach area I would recommend Mead Law Firm. I'm no Guru by any means but as for the guys on this thread from Pensacola and the PIG Group they can attests orb own active in This market I am. So if you are looking to market here and your get properties here then i can definitely get that property sold for you. One last thing. When it comes to pensacola you want to stay away from west pensacola due to most of that being in your "war zones".

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