Houston commercial broker needed

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I am looking to develop a relationship with a commercial broker in the Houston area. I am looking for somebody with experience in buying and selling multifamily. Please PM me and we can talk details. Thank you.


Hi Hung,

It would be better if you would say what you are trying to do here.

What size units you are buying??

What age of building??

How much money down??

Is it your money or are you trying to syndicate etc.??

Any seller or broker with property will be asking these questions.


Hi Joel ,

I am looking to buy apartment 20 units to 50 units,  year build after 1985 , use my money down % 20. Thanks for help Joel.

Vacant, value add 50%, stabilized??

What cap??

50 units vacant at 10k a door is 500,000, 50,000 a door for stabilized is 2,500,000.

Big difference in product and price.

Joel ,

Like I said  20% down  with 2.5 million for 50 units , of course I do have.

@Hung Trieu did you end up purchasing some apartments in Houston?  If so, I'd love to hear about your experience and what you bought.  Also, I am considering switching up my property management team there and your experience (good or bad) with your property management will be great to hear.

Hi @Hung Trieu , this is something my office can help you with. Let me know if you are still in the market.

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