Sacramento Real Estate Club Meetup Oct 15th 6:30 p.m.

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How to Raise Money for your Real Estate Business with J.Massey

Have you ever wondered why some investors seem to have it all while some seem to struggle year after year after year. Why is it that some investors are able to go through deals like they were extras in a Clint Eastwood movie while some struggle to get their feet off the ground.Its capital.Or rather the lack of it.You need money. To keep your business going or to launch it you need money. The better the rates you get it at - the better off you are.
Our Speaker this month has done just that. Starting off in a circumstance which would make most men crumble - medical problems for family, loss of job - he has gone on to raise millions of dollars and has helped his investors gain confidence in his products.
J.Massey was at one point had his pregnant wife face a serious illness and an accident that left him with a punctured lung. These two events left him unable to work which resulted in losing their home to foreclosure. Since then he has built a booming investing business.

He attributes a lot of his success to his ability to raise money and his system of breaking down his returns so that it can include every benefit that real estate can provide appreciation, depreciation, amortization and cash flow. We expect this meeting to be filled up so get there and get your spot early.

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When :-
Wednesday Oct 15th 2014
6:30 pm :- Doors Open
6:30 - 7:30 pm: Come early for NETWORKING
7:30-9:30 pm: MAIN MEETING (including market updates, live investor profiles, a one-hour speaker presentation,
and much more)
9:30 pm – On: Stay after for MORE NETWORKING
Where :- DoubleTree Hotel (Near Arden Fair Mall)

2001 Point West Way, Sacramento, CA 

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I've heard J. Massey speak before - definitely worth it! He has an inspirational story as well as a great approach for investing. He helped me refocus on what matters to me in my investing.

hey all, 

I am relocating to Oakley here in the next month or so and it seems that you guys will be within reach. I am just getting started out here and would love to come to a meeting starting in December. How frequent are the meetups?

@Eric Giovannucci,

We have out meetups once a month on the Third Wednesday of the month. Visit and get the free report. That will put you on our mailing list and you will get invites to meetings etc. Welcome. We havea good community here


i'll try but may be Mr Mom while the wifey works nights

Thanks for the invite @Tapan Trivedi  !  
I'd love to come only I'm in SoCal this week, hope to make it to November's meetup :)

See you all soon ! J.Massey is ready and is awesome !

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