Does anyone have a reputable builder in Galveston, Texas?

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I have been burned before so I am extremely cautious. Looking to rehab an existing single family house and add about 1200 sq. ft. Plans are completed and I am ready to go.  I appreciate your help !! Thanks.

@Josh Epstein  Not much help from the TX BP crew it seems.  Curious to hear if this deal made it or not. 

Your local BPer.

Hi Shawn-

No, nothing has been done yet. I am looking to sell it if you know anybody interested.  Comes with engineering plans and architect plans. good area 4 blocks or so to the beach. 

@Josh Epstein  I'm in Galveston about twice a month cultivating business and know the area well. Let me know the details of what you're offering and I'll see if it might be a good fit. 

Thanks Josh.

The property is at 2009 34th st. I would take $50k for it just so that I can move on. I had a contractor steal a lot of money on this project so I just want to lick my wounds and move on. Comes with engineering plans and architect plans to add 1300 sq feet. If you need any other details please let me know. 

Josh - Talk to Duane Heckmann and Kirk Laguarta. They are THE land brokers in the greater Houston Area so if there is a builder anywhere near the area, they will have heard of these guys, and vice versa. They probably account for 90% of business in that area. Here are their emails, you can tell them I sent you:

[email protected]

[email protected]

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