Buena Vista, Virginia

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Looking for anyone who knows about or has any interest in Buena Vista, VA. The town has the right fundamentals for me. My parents and extended family have relocated there (Lexington, Virginia), so my network is extremely strong.

If you do, let's talk. Interested to hear any on the ground opinions.


I'm just on the other side of the mountains, approximately 20 minutes from Buena Vista in Amherst. I know the  Buena Vista area ok, but not so much the RE market there. Most of my properties are in the Lynchburg and surrounding area.  I haven't found too many folks from the area on the BP site just yet, but it's growing. Are you in the area often? What exactly are you looking to find? Not sure I can help, but thought I'd let you know there was someone in the extended area. 

@Thom H.  

I am in the area often enough (family stuff, holidays and all). Next time I will be there is Christmas. We're keeping an eye for out for our next play, but are not pursuing any new investments till 2015. My Dad is a contractor who lives in Lexington, VA. Obviously I trust him, and he is more than happy to be involved in fixing and management. My hope is to make him a partner, trading his labor for his share of the property.

Lexington is appropriately pricey, and you inevitably compete with a retail crowd. Buena Vista seems much more working class, but the land and surrounding area is beautiful. To me, it seems like there are possibilities for fixing, cash-flow, and greater eventual interest in the area... granted, areas like these are not my specialty.


I imagine there are certainly fix-up opportunities in the area. It's a beautiful county. I own a couple of small tracks of land just off the Blue Ridge Parkway about 15 miles from Buena Vista. It is gorgeous. I built a small weekend cabin there in 2004.  We go up often to hike and hunt. The surrounding National Forests (George Washington and Jefferson) are wonderful treasures, especially this time of year!

If your dad is a contractor, you have a great built-in partner to help you get started. Best of luck! -Thom

@Trevor Ewen  

I've been in Lynchburg for almost 10 yrs now and it seem that everything is centered around the colleges and major employers in Lynchburg. Liberty University is really at the hub of it all and since its one of the fastest growing in the areas everything else seems to follow suit in regards to what they're doing. I've only been to Buena Vista a few times, mostly we just pass through it on the way to NC because there really aren't many if any attractions, that I know of. 

Depending on what your planning on doing though I'm sure there must be opportunity out there, the name just doesn't come up that often (but of course that is relative).

@Account Closed  

Definitely familiar with the growth at Lynchburg. Ironically, for me, my interest in Buena Vista is solely based on my network in Lexington. Driving through the town, my impression is that prices are reasonable, but it also appears to be a bit of an older world of REI. So door to door is probably my best device.

That sounds like a good plan, you could probably send mailers out and start building some interest and inquisition.

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