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Does anyone know a realtor/investor/wholesaler that deals in the luxury market in Atlanta?  I have a colleague who is interested in selling her luxury home.  She wants to put it on the market in mid-November.  I would love to have the opportunity to do something with it, but unsure of its value given the limited equal comparables, luxury market, etc.  Didn't expect this on my first deal.  It may not even work as a wholesale and may just simply be a retail sale.  She is not in distress.  In any event, she knows that I am just starting out and said that if I could come up with a plan, she will entertain it.

Note: my integrity is important and I don't want to hold this property up and destroy my relationship.  So, I am looking for a course of action that may include partnering with someone experienced or giving a great referral to an experienced luxury local broker who is willing to give me a referral fee.

I'm in Atlanta.  Suggestions?

Thank you.

Hey Kalimah

You have come to the right place.   If you friend has a luxury home here in Atlanta, then the best course of action in my opinion would be to find a real estate agent or broker in her area that specializes in Luxury homes to list the property.   Don't just go with any agent in the office.  Find the top agent, a professional in her area.   If you were licensed, you could get a referral fee or list it, but some areas need some expertise.   Especially going into the slow months.   

1.  Have your friend take the time to interview Real Estate professionals 

2.  How many homes have they sold in the area

3.  Are they currently active in the area

4.  How long have they been licensed?   are they in good standing with the local board. 

#5 Tell your friend to ask them, why should i hire you?   

Remember:  they agent/broker works for her, not they other way around

You may not make a commission or profit, but you would be doing the right thing.  If you do this, you will come across deals that fit your criteria (Sewing and Reaping)!

Take care


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