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I'm a local newbie investor in Tampa, FL and I'm looking for an investor friendly realtor. Can anyone provide me with any referrals?

Hey @Rodney Dixon  

Somehow, I did not get a chance to Welcome you to Bigger Pockets, so Welcome!

It may be helpful to discuss what you are looking for in a Real Estate Agent. I consider myself a friendly guy and would even buy you a coffee but I would not write hundreds of offers hoping that one sticks, drive for dollars for you or otherwise spin the proverbial wheels.

Writing a little something about you, your qualifications, your criteria and timetable might just help other people when they are making recommendations to you. Rather than having a bunch of people jump in and say; "I know Mr. X, he is the best.", and Mr. X only works in South Tampa when you want to be in Westchase for example. 

Best of luck to you. I know there are a half dozen agents that go to Tampa REIA which is in two weeks, you may want to try networking there.

Warmest regards,

Doug Merriott

I have an investor friendly real estate agent - Emmitt Walthall.  He knows the Tampa Bay area and is pretty easy going and a real estate investor as well.  [REMOVED].  Please tell him I referred you to him.  Good luck!

Thanks Doug and Lakeisha for both of your responses!

In the end, my answer would be... BECOME ONE. Though not every investor will, the skill sets you need to be an exceptional investor are worth the investment as an agent (even if you only took the training). Further, while you may find an investor-friendly agent here and there, agents must remained focused on their bottom line, and that takes a lot of work. Generating relational clients and developing a client base through traditional real estate sales are always going to be at odds. This is also why REIAs, though very helpful, most often allow agents and brokers the chance to serve the investor/flipper on the end buyer side. The key is to lock arms with agents that are actual investors - those who take your risks, speak your language and do more walking than talking. If they got their license to be and serve other investors, then you probably have a relationship of professional substance. Just sayin'.

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