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About 4 years ago I purchased a fourplex for $120K (purchase + rehab) in Lawrenceville, GA.  I lived in one 2 Bed, 2.5 Bath unit and rented out the other three 2 Bed, 2.5 Bath Units and lived for free.  

Now I'm ready to sell at around $250,000.  About 3 weeks ago, I had it under contract to a cash buyer for $242,500 but during the due diligence they buyer asked for 10K, without explanation.  After coming down $7,500, naturally I said no,  then buyer backed out with out a counter.  

The place is now fully rented  and is grossing higher rent then any other 2/2.5 Quad in the community.  

I've kept the place up pretty well, but I know I need to replace is the single hung windows.... 28 of them. Currently, I have several other investors lurking around but no more solid offers just yet. 

So that brings me to why I'm here... Does any one have any recommendations for window contractors in the North East Atlanta Metro Area?  

I'm glad you got a response!  It seems like you are making out huge!  I wish you the best on this deal and your future ones to come!

Originally posted by @Terry Burger :

Yes. PM me and I'll send you Edie's #. Great guy, I'm sure he'll get you a great price. 

 Hey Terry, 

I sent a collegue request to you,  brother. 

@Eric Mayers I've used Window World.  $189/window.  Gives you a starting point.  Also get Carolina Lumber to bid the windows when you know what you want.  

Originally posted by @Rick Baggenstoss:

I've used Window World.  $189/window.  Gives you a starting point. 

 I've heard that doesn't include the outside trim, just a basic window and basic installation.  What was your experience with them?

Originally posted by @Jon Klaus :

Why do the windows need replaced?  Do you pay the utilities?  Why not let your buyer make the decision?  Use it in negotiations if it will help you. 

 Hey Jon, 

The window are originals... (1986) They're in pretty bad shape but they still keep out water and wind.  My tenants haven't complained or anything and I charge more than any one else in the community.  I'm replacing them because I see condensation on some of them and cracks in some of them.  

I'd love for the buyer to make the decision but I want to sell a turnkey solution to an investor so I can get ask close to my asking price as possible.  

No, I don't pay utilities. 

I'll be the first to admit, I didn't do a great job of negotiating the first time I had the place under contract with cash buyers.  I came down from my original asking price (around the cost of the windows) but didn't specify to the buyer that was my reason for coming down.  So they asked for an additional amount off (more than the cost of the windows) during the due diligence period, I declined and they dropped out.

Originally posted by @Rick Baggenstoss :

@Eric Mayers I've used Window World.  $189/window.  Gives you a starting point.  Also get Carolina Lumber to bid the windows when you know what you want.  

 Thanks Rick, I'll look into both.  

Ok, So far I had America Best Choice come out and quote me for 28 Double Hung Window they came back with $8413  installed for vinyl.  I asked about putting in 12 Sliding Window and 4 Double Hung instead.  The price went down to $6762 Installed.  

After I received the quote from ABC, I called Super Glass and Renovations.  

They gave me a quote of $5,560 for 12 Slider Window and 4 Double Hung.   

They also gave me the option of just replacing the glass, repairing springs and putting new screens on each of the 28 windows that are already there for a total of $3000.  

Interesting option, has any one here tried that option instead of replacing the entire window?  What do you see as the Pro's and Cons? 

If I had the cash I'd replace the windows just for a more up to date / cleaner look

I ended up just replacing all of the windows.  It was well worth the $5,500 that I paid for them.  

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