Reliable Roofer Needed in Berkeley, CA

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I'm an absentee landlord with properties in Berkeley and Oakland.  One of my properties is due for a new roof.  Can anyone recommend a good roofing company in the East Bay?  I need someone trustworthy and reliable since I won't be there to supervise the job.

Thanks BP community!

Hi Jessica,

As a Top Producing Realtor for BHG/Mason-McDuffie (& an investor myself, with 6 income properties both local & out of state) I know how important it is to have reliable, high quality, reasonably priced pros available. I often refer electricians, plumbers, general contractors, etc. to my clients and I encourage people to use me as a resource (& my website:

My favorite roofer is:

Pacific Coast Roofing (Brian Palhouse)925-787-6606[email protected]

Please tell Brian I referred you & let me know if I can be of further assistance.

@Jeff Weissman  , Thanks for the recommendation.  I'm having him do a bid this week.

@Jessica S.  

I live in Berkeley, but don't invest locally.  If you're ever in town and want to meet for coffee to discuss investing, please reach out to me.


I used Planchon Roofing for my 4 unit in Oakland. They were pretty affordable and completed the job in less than 2 days

Planchon Roofing, Inc.
2207 Emeric Ave.
San Pablo CA. 94806
[email protected]

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