Any interest in a Ft Worth / Mid Cities BP Meetup?

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I would love to meet up with some other BP members in the western DFW area (Dallas if a long drive, but might be doable). I know there are a couple RE Clubs, but at $20 a person the wife and I could have a nice dinner or drinks and snackies somewhere for the same price and skip the Guru spiel while meeting BPers.

I'm up for it if it's on a weekday, morning or lunch time. We are overdue for a meetup. 

I am interested.  I was actually looking to start a regular meetup this coming January after the holidays.   My plan was to reserve the Saginaw Public Library meeting room.  I had not determined a time yet.   I thought refreshments could be served, sponsored by a vendor, who we would allow to speak to us for about ten minutes.  I even lined up a vendor for the first meeting.    I would be happy to continue in my efforts and work on December if everyone wants to meet earlier.   

Forgot to mention that I did not envision charging for the meeting as the sponsoring vendor would cover the costs.   

Count me in.

@Adam Wright   When did you consider meeting?  Weekends, evenings, etc?  I am sort of flexible but I know some others have pretty tight schedules between RE work and other jobs.  I would really like Saginaw because it is about 30 minutes for me.

I would also be interested in meeting further into the metroplex if others can't get to Saginaw during Adam's event.  @Jon Klaus   do you have any ideas for a place we could meet?  I am thinking if it is during the day a pub type event will be out but maybe a lunch somewhere with a meeting room we can borrow if we have enough people.

We've met at Spring Creek BBQ before. They typically have a private room if its not at a really busy time. Thoughts @Jerry Puckett  ?

@Paul Ewing  I hadn't really decided on a time but it would be either morning or afternoon.   My preference would be in the morning, but I am open to suggestions.  I have already had three or four people tell me they would attend the event in Saginaw.  All would be welcome.  I will post more as it develops.

I'd be interested, schedule permitting.     Def. can't do it within normal M-F business hours, unless it's for lunch in Roanoke/Westlake/Trophy Club/Keller area.

I'm in Dallas area often I would enjoy meeting with you guys when I'm there

I would love to meet with a few bp members.  I already gave @Adam Wright  a soft yes on the saginaw library meetup so it'd be great if that works out.  Weekends are my preference but I try to be flexible. 

@Jon Klaus

I just got out of a rei group meeting in a spring creek BBQ and the room was definitely of adequate size.

I would be interested in meeting fellow BPers!  Best time for me is on the weekends but can be flexible with weekday evenings. I live in Ft. Worth, so I could do the saginaw location.

Count me in, Probably after work hours on weekdays would be ideal since I have a full time job.

I'd like to addend too. BTW, what happened to monthly meetups in Spring Creek BBQ in Irving?

I can do either one or both events.  It looks like we will have different people able to attend each.

Here is an update on the Saginaw meeting.   The Saginaw library changed their policies to only allow nonprofit organizations to rent their meeting room.   No idea why....

Dixie House Cafe, located at 5401 Blue Mound Rd, Fort Worth, TX, just south of 820N, has a meeting room that is available at no cost, as long as we are ordering something off the menu.  I have attended Kiwanis meetings there and it is good sized room.   

How does this sound to everyone?   It seems many of you cannot attend 9 - 5 on a weekday.  How about we do it one Saturday morning in December?   

I'd like to meet some BPers as well! Saturday mornings are almost always good for me. But i'm pretty flexible during the week as well.

Second update...there wasn't enough interest to do it in December so I am going back to my original plan of holding the first one in January.  I am thinking the second Saturday of every month, call it Second Saturday Brunch BP meetup.    As always, I am open to suggestions.

I am interested in this as well. Would love to get an opportunity to meet other investors in DFW.

Yes sir!  Let's do it.

I'm interested, though I often have scheduling conflicts on weekends.    Weekday evenings are better for me, but will try to attend to the extent I can.

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