Chicago Western Suburbs (Riverside, Brookfield, Berwyn area) Property Manager Recommendations

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Hello again Bigger Pockets community!

I have been researching for a number of months now, and have filled up on some good knowledge. I have a few different lenders in place for FHA financing and am pre-approved up to various amounts. I have a Realtor in the area I've been using. I'm looking to buy a 4 unit and live in 1.

At this point, I'd like to expand the team a little more. I'm having real trouble finding the good properties and the right prices and wrapping my head around which areas are good/bad/high demand/high employment/etc...I also find there are not a lot of available 3-4 units on the MLS and hope they could lead me towards those investors whom might entertain an offer even if the property is not on the market.

I would like a reputable property management company in that area to lead me towards the right areas/properties, get any good tips, get more leads on team members, and most importantly to manage the property (at least screening and placing tenants) once I get it. 

1) Does this sound like a step in the right direction?

2) Any recommendations on what companies and/or specific employees to go with?

@Kasey Ryan  I don't have a property manager recommendation; however, as a fellow novice RE investor there is some benefit to doing the screening and tenant placement yourself. Obviously, you would want someone with experience to help guide you. There is a tremendous amount of information you can learn by doing the screening and placement. 

I have found all of my deals through MLS using a realtor. I know there are people on here that have used alternative methods for acquisition and they can probably provide some insight. I am in the process of closing on a property in Riverside, IL. Feel free to send me a message if you want any insight on Riverside, IL.

Hi Kasey, I see this a few years old but it would be great to see how you ended up in this process. Did you end up getting a property? Did you find a management company?

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