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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking to get involved in some sort of networking/REI group out here in Chicago so if there are any suggestions/direction from people who are or were involved the sort, it would be greatly appreciated!


@Kyle Overman  @Michael Barbari  @Jonathan Nixon  

There are a few REI groups here. Here is a directory of some of them

I help host a monthly group mainly people from here.  It is informal and we do open networking.  We usually meet the third Tuesday of the month but with the holidays we are doing a joint Nov/Dec one (I have not booked it yet) and we meet off the Blue Line at Harlem

@Christopher Leon  also does a group in the burbs that I have heard good things about

I've contacted a lot of the REI close by Chicago, and very few have responded back. Out of the ones I've visited, in my personal opinion the following has the best content and has a large number of investors attending:

Chicago Creative Investors Association

Now that I found BiggerPockets I can't wait to join the group that @Brie Schmidt is 

@Brie Schmidt  Hey Brie! Thanks for the plug :) 

@Jonathan Nixon  @Michael Barbari  @Kyle Overman  Gentlemen, check us out at or our main site we meet in Lisle (western Suburbs) on the 2nd Monday of every month. Feel free to message me directly and I would be happy to give you the skinny on our NFP Organization to see if it may be a fit for  you and what your trying to accomplish in your career/business.

CAREIA meets in 2 weeks.  You should check it out.

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