Colorado Springs RE Lawyer?

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good RE lawyer in Colorado Springs?

Try Adrian Tilley, he's a member and just posted, not in your town, but he's in CO, there is the phone, email, fax and technology might shorten the distance on consultation, might not for court representation. :)

@Daniel Elbe  I'm happy to help if I can.  Let me know if you need anything in particular.  I don't know any RE attorneys in Colorado Springs I can recommend though.

John Finger covers COS and Pueblo: Lease Options, Purchases and Sales, Contract Reviews, Landlord/Tenant Disputes, Advanced Screening Research; haven't needed to use him yet but got good vibes.

A prominent lawyer here in town suggested a couple lawyers to me when I asked the same question. He said the lawyers he uses are Brian Murphy and Bruce Kolbexen (sp?). He suggested that Bruce was probably a little more capable and a little more expensive.

I haven't approached them yet myself, but perhaps this helps!

@Daniel Elbe   have you had any luck in finding a lawyer?

I am new to REI and this is my next step in the process.


Andrew, I traded emails with Adrian (listed above) a couple times, but I've been working on a couple out of state deals lately. Best of luck, let me know how it goes.

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