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I have recently gotten an accepted offer for my first investment property. I had a general contractor in mind to handle the rehab, but he is currently to busy to take on any additional work. Do folks have a reasonably priced and reliable contractor they use in the area?

Thanks in advance!


Brian, I am interested to hear if you got an answer on this question?  I am in the exact same position...

I would appreciate your feedback.

Brian I am also curious if you got an answer here as I also am flipping a property within the next month or so... would really appreciate it!

I did not get any leads from BP. I am using a friend of a friend who does this work on the side, mostly weekend work. So far so good, but it is a little slower process than I was initially planning.

I have a list of contractors that I could give you. With less and less people going into the trades almost every contractor is busy right now. I get calls weekly asking me if I know anyone they could hire because they are swamped. I used to be a GC for some of the 3CDC jobs and OTRHC for the luxury condo rehabs plus many other projects. The wife and I are currently Realtors and REI but I also hold a w2 job as Stationary Engineer. I'm thinking of going back into the GC business because of the demand.

My brother owns JM Mechanical and has great connections to GC as well.  Just e-mail me and I can throw some names together.  My contact info is also on our website at

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