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Names Christian,

I'm a relativity new Investor Just focusing on getting my feet off the ground. A little bit about myself. I'm  25  years old, 2 kids, wife and a mortgage. I work in the construction field and I'm in the posses of doing my first flip. 

For example, I initially wanted to buy rentals to replace my income. Then I realized, "wow, I totally need more money than what I have to invest in rentals!"

Fast forward to today, I knew i had to pivot. Now I'm going to flip a house, take the earnings from that flip. Parley that to establishing my credit, rentals or another flip. Even if i don't make any money on this flip and break even I will lean a lot for the next deal.

I'm like your average Joe, went to seminars, read a ton of books and went to a lot of REIAs. But the more I get close to this first flip, I realize how important getting together with like minded people and networking with good People is. With or without experience! So I'm taking Josh Dorkin's advice and want to set up a meeting / get-together in Tucson AZ. We can start Once a month meet up at a restaurant or something.

We can talk about different subjects every meeting. Flipping, calculate expenses, wholesaling, Searching for properties, multifamily, rentals, creative financing, single family whatever we want! But together people can do so much more!!!!

Right now I'm focusing on flipping, But I can learn from a wholesaler, a person doing rentals, a beginning agent wanting to invest, and I hopefully i can give something in return. We can all grow and lean from each other. Meet up in a family friendly (for investors with kids) restaurant and just network and move forward.

I'm hoping this post can spark a meet-up for beginning investors that want to start off with like minded people. Like my Friend Jim Rohn said... 

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

@Account Closed Thanks for taking the time to set this up! I currently attend AZREIA and their subgroup once a month, but glad to meet new people away from the groups as well! I am a buy and hold guy; have 3 SFR and 2 Triplexes and am currently working on an 11plex (combined 3 plex and 2-4 plexes on same lot). I love crunching numbers, creative financing and am learning about property management.

Even if you can't get a group together, I'd be happy to meet up for coffee/dinner/drinks etc.

Keep me posted.

yeah definitely @Mike T.  that's what I was thinking about too. Save my email so we can exchange info man.

We will leave this post open to assess interest.  However, if you choose a date and time you will need to post that information in the Real Estate Events and Happenings forum.

haha I see you everywhere too @Brandon L. We Definitely have to meet up after the holidays

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