Need a structural engineer reference in Dallas

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hey guys!!

We are trying to wrap up a deal on a foreclosure. It looks like the foundation repair was already done, but Fannie doesn't have the details. 

Anyone know a good structural engineer?  

We're trying to get this done during the inspection period. 



I am not sure what you are trying to do here? I assume you want to know who did the foundation repair so you can get the warranty.

If so have you tried pulling the work permit from the City? It should have the name of the foundation company that did the work. 

Otherwise if you don't trust their job I can put you in touch with a good structural engineer in the area. He has done half a dozen for me. PM me.

Thomas engineering consultants is a great one in dfw or I've also done work with SK choudry with E.D.A. Engineering. You can message me if you can't find their contact info.

I've also met an Adam green who owns crosstown engineering. He seemed like a young hard working guy but I've never done any business with him.

awesome guys!!!  As always, the BP community comes through with names and great suggestions!

I really appreciate you all. 

I've got one that I have used and trust. ROSSPros is the company and the owner's/engineer's name is Pooya. Here is the website. Very reasonable prices and he is very good about explaining and answering all questions you may have. Very honest guy. He never tries to sell me anything I don't need or anything either. Please let him know I referred you if you use him! I want him to know I'm spreading his name for the good jobs he's done for me. Thanks!

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