Anyone doing deals in Spokane county?

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I am looking at investing in Spokane County Washington because of the amazing deals you can find for relatively good houses. I was wondering if anyone does any investing in the area. If so, what are your thought? what are the challenges and perks of investing there? Any information would be wonderful. Also any stories you have to share will be appreciated. thank you all!

I lived there in college and have sold a few apartment buildings for banks since then - the distressed market was really hot - we had tons of offers on every building. I loved living there though, it's a nice City. 

Spokane is always years behind on financial recovery.  There is a lot for sale at good prices but do not bank on a quick turn around.  I spoke with a friend in Spokane Valley today; however, and she reports that some new listing have been selling quickly out there. Buy and Hold must keep in mind - if your property is not rented by Oct, 1st it will in all likelihood be empty until April .  People just do not move in the winter unless they are forced to - and those are not usually the tenants you want.  I have been concerned with the high crime for the city - Meth addiction leads to most of it.

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