New Arizona Investors meetup

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Hey guys, I am on biggerpockets a lot these days. I always see individuals asking about real estate meetings, and educational meetups....but I wouldn't mind hanging out with all of you in a more recreational setting. Maybe some bowling...hiking, maybe a bbq, something of that nature. I think having individuals will similar interests as friends is always motivational, and would help everyone stay on track, and exchange stories, and knowledge.

So if you are in the Tucson can message me on here, or on Facebook and maybe we can get a group together and plan something.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.  

Also if anyone is interested in obtaining their real estate license...I'm planning on attending the state required classes in Tucson. Anyone is welcome to join me :) 

hey whats up @Brandon L.  some guys from the Tucson area and I are setting something up for the first time after the holidays. Exactly what your talking about, bbq, coffe, dinner, drinks, etc. Send me an email with bigger pockets meetup in the subject so we can exchange info.

thanks for the heads up. I will shoot you an email 

This sounds cool Brandon and Christian, way to network! 

Haha thanks @Kyla Ross  are you coming out to Arizona as well :) 

Haha...I must admit, I have been looking at the AZ market to invest in a buy and hold situation, but just tire-kicking/window shopping for now until early 2015.

Not planning a move to the AZ, but I did want to give you guys kudos for thinking of a way to build deeper relationships with other investors. I am learning that hard work and relationships with like-minded people. Awesome!

Do it! As a total newbie it was a huge help last week when @Scott Dixon put together a local BP meet up here, especially since this area has no REIA. If I was still living in AZ I'd try to make it too!

I'd like to be involved with anything in the Tucson Metro area so include me in the information distribution please. I'll forward it to other RE flippers and investors that I know there.

@Gerry Rae  that's awesome, thanks for commenting, I'm looking forward to meeting up with everyone 

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