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After reading and hearing good things about the local Cincinnati REIA I have decided to go to their next meeting after the holidays on January 15th. This will be my first REIA meeting I've ever attended and I can't wait to start meeting some other local investors in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. Hopefully some of you local BPer's will be there as well! Any recommendations to better prepare myself and make a great first impression?

@Cameron Berens  

Cincinnati has a great REIA meeting.

Say "Hi". Almost everyone is friendly.

You can ask the people at the registration desk who to talk to if you have a specific topic in mind.

Bring business cards if you have them, but don't force them on people.

There is a networking meeting after the meeting. Lots of good conversation there.

Ping me a couple days before the meeting and I'll let you know if I'll be there. If I am, I'll show you around and introduce you to some people.

Most of all, have FUN.

Hey Cameron. I went to my first REIA meeting in November, and it was really good. I don't know if it was just the type of meeting that was held that week, or if it is always that good, but it was a great opportunity to meet other investors in the area and learn from their experiences. I just went as a guest, but I'm planning on becoming a member in 2015 and attending more often. I don't know if I'll be there on the 15th. One of the things that I was most surprised with was the diversity of the members that were there. It seemed like all ages, experience levels, races, and socioeconomic statuses were represented, which allows for a great learning atmosphere because there are ideas from all different perspectives.

@Darrin Carey   Thanks for the advice. I plan on trying to meet as many people as possible this meeting. I'll be sure to ping you once the meeting gets closer to see if you'll be coming.

@Coleman Nelson  Thanks for the response. Hopefully I'll see you at a meeting as well.

I attended the Cincinnati REIA for several months. Darrin is right, this is a great bunch of folks. I've made some fantastic connections!!


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