Colorado Springs Home Inspector Recommendation

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I'm looking for recommendations for a thorough home inspector in Colorado Springs.  Specifically someone with experience with turn of the century homes in the Old North End.  Does anyone have a recommendation?  

One will probably lead to the other, but does anyone have a recommendation for a carpenter/general contractor team with experience working with the same area?


I have a personal recommendation. John Gleason. He's just getting started with home inspections, and is an engineer by trade. I have never seen anyone more detail oriented. He has experience with forensic inspections on older homes, so I would be 100% comfortable with his ability. I have used him already on an inspection, and was impressed with his professionalism, quality of work, and collection of tools for the job.

John Gleason - [email protected]

Brad, thank you for the recommendation, I will contact him!

I've used Pat Hiner 719-499-2180 for several SFH and commercial inspections and he's saved me from what could have been some terrible buys. He's also a GC who's built over a thousand homes in the Colorado Springs area. Haven't used him for any construction yet, but I've seen his work and it is excellent.

Another option.  Did good work for me on my first Colorado Springs area purchase.

Meyer Inspections (Michael Meyer)


[email protected]

Thank you for all the feedback!

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