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Has anybody attended the Colorado Springs REIC meetings listed on Did you find them to be a productive use of your time? I'm very new to the world of REI and I'd like to maximize the return investment on my time. I don't want to go to the meeting just to find out it's a sales pitch by some local guru or a room full of wannabe wholesalers fighting over two investors. I'm very excited to network with local investors and get involved in the community, I just want to be cautious of scams and wasting my time.

I haven't gone yet...waiting to have something to offer the group. I have heard that it's a good group sponsored by a local hard lender.

@Michael Olson  Michael Jake has compared my buy and hold strategy to a moped, but he still has good lessons to share for the flipping community. I have yet to check out the REIC meetings, but have run into the local big fish at the Pine Financial sponsored meet ups at the Ritz Grill, my personal favorite no sales, real player attended free meetup. Next one's on Jan 8 and covers asset protection.

I've been to Michael's twice and both times met people who I still work with.  There wasn't any education, but there's always a crowd.  Mike uses some interesting investment strategies that work very well in this market and he's happy to share his knowledge.  Also Mike pays a lot of money to cater his meetings, so that probably brings in more people.  Yes it's lots of newbie wholesalers, but you never know who will bring you that great deal.  

Once meeting I'd highly recommend is put on by Lisa Hernandez.  I think she just started them back up again last summer, but you can tell she puts a lot of time into setting these up and getting a speaker.  Plus she's a wealth of knowledge about financing anything.

@Michael Olson  

I have never been to a meeting that I didn't learn something or meet someone.

I suggest find the meeting website call several club officials and vendors. Tell them you will be coming to the next meeting ask therm what their experience has been. Great way to prime the pump and have people looking for you.

Download BP's newest book here some good due diligence in Chapter 10. Real Estate Rewind Starting over and attending your first REIA meeting


Colorado Springs REIC and the Investor Happy Hour at the Ritz are both great groups.  I have gone to both periodically for several years and always take away a nugget or two.  I have done business with several people from both groups and while every group has it's share of newbies, there are real, experienced investors as well as hard money lenders at both groups.  well worth your time if you are willing to invest in some relationships.    

@Michael Olson   I actually host the meeting at the Ritz down town. We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6 pm, downstairs in the Elbo room. We do get a wide range of attendees but I can guarantee it wont be a waste of your time, if it is you can buy me a beer. 

@Aaron Moore @Louis Radosevich thank you for the kind reviews.

@Darren Smith @Christopher Holt Would be happy to have you at our next meeting. 

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