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Any local REIA meetings in the Southfield MI. area?

@Ronnie Neal  A2REIC. in Ann Arbor.  Next meeting is this Thursday jan 6.  Contact me direct if interested.  You won't regret it.

Originally posted by @Ronnie Neal :

@Joe Villeneuve 

 Thx Joe! but is that Thursday or Tuesday?

 Sorry.  LOL.  It's Tuesday jan. 6.  Can I blame spell checker?

Hi @Ronnie Neal   - Check out the 'Renegade Detroit Investors' on meetup as well.  They meet in Berkeley.  I used to attend both the Ann Arbor one and RDI when I lived on the east side of the state, and recommend both.  Enjoy!

Ronnie, In addition to RDI which meets in Corktown (Detroit), the Oakland (County) REIA meets in Madison Heights,

Wendy Patton's REIA meets in Troy,

I co-host a free monthly meetup with @Aaron Yates  that rotates around the Metro Detroit area, the next one is at Champps in Troy on Tuesday, January 13th 2015 starting at 6:30. Feel free to stop by. More info at and the group page is

You should definitely check out some of the local REIAs, they're well attended by local investors.

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