Kansas City "Up and Coming" and "Bread and Butter" areas for buy and hold?

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Happy 2015 Everybody!  Id love to ask all you Kansas City Investors, Wholesalers, and Realtors, which neighborhoods do you think are the next "Up and Coming" and what are your favorite "bread and butter" areas for buy and hold?

Hey Johanna,

Always great is N of the river KC, Gladstone & Liberty, MO

Hyde Park - great buy & hold, West Plaza, Waldo area awesome buy & hold/flip

Have lots of great info for you.

I agree with Connie,

There are some very specific neighborhoods in KC like Hyde Park, Union Hill, Valentine, Brookside and Waldo that are gentrifying and present good opportunities for long term holds with cash flow and upside market growth.  From there, the suburbs traditionally are good commuter cities in the KC area, and offer good public schools.  We generally focus our efforts on the east suburbs for their value, although I live in the Northland, and prefer that area as well.

In the end---the up and coming is usually a speculation, but there is enough trending in KC now that its not too difficult to see where the potential is and its still early enough to get in.

Hello all,

I'd agree with the sentiment that Waldo and Brookside are extremely desirable areas to invest in whether land-lording, flipping, or just residing. As a Brookside expat, I can attest to the safety of the neighborhood and the general unique feel to zips 64113 and 64114. As @William Robison points out, these neighborhoods are gentrifying and this can be seen by driving down the street and seeing how people eat, shop, and play. You just want to be part of the action!

The Well, Louie's Wine Dive, Consentino's, The Roasterie--all suggest a kind of different direction for this area. If you see these wonderful locales through the lens of the recent decade, it is a poignant picture of growth.

One caveat deserves mentioning I think. The public educational offerings in both Waldo and Brookside might not satisfy all. While some excellent public schools exist, such as Academie Lafayette, I would see this a possible area of improvement. The construction of the new Hale Cook school, http://halecook.org/ is certainly encouraging and I hope this school turns out to be a wonderful place for young minds to grow.

@Johanna Rustia, hope you find a great place to invest! If nothing else, come to The Roasterie in Brookside for a double-cap! Great coffee. Not quite worth the trip from NY, but close:)

BTW:Supply might be a little limited right now, so please check this link for some market trends and some other useful information. I don't work for this company, but I thought it might be useful info for you. I'm sure @Connie Covert and @William Robison have some much better stuff. 



@Johanna R.  

I like Grandview, Independence and Raytown. As far as up and coming areas, Bannister Heights is great. It's located near the old Bannister Mall which is being redeveloped by the Cerner Corp. This is the largest development in the history of MO. Ground has broken and it's expected to create 15,000 new jobs. The Oxford on the Blue project is in the blue print stages but will be another major development in the area also.

@David MIller

We used to live in Squire Park although the neighborhood association was Manheim Park. We lived on this amazing little street called Manheim just south of 39th St. We loved it but it was definitely city living in an enclave close to war zone (just on the other side of Paseo). We ultimately moved up north when our daughter was starting school. The surrounding neighborhood is improving but it really is street by street. We were just over at our former neighbor's home for dinner last weekend and there has been a lot of investment on that street and very little turnover. Don't know if that exactly answers your question...

@David MIller   Squire Park is a bit out of our normal, but I believe it is starting to gain some traction.  Hyde Park and other areas nearby are shrinking in terms of opportunities.  Gentrification is beginning to expand in other directions and crossing Troost is an inevitable step should this continue.  Squire Park is basically from Troost to Paseo, between 39th and Armour.  Troost stood for decades as the line to not cross, but slowly, certain blocks have seen some redevelopment occur.   Whether that will continue is to be seen, but there isnt much sign of slowing down.  Much of it will hinge on transportation and safety in my opinion.  Those willing to move further from the center of the gentrification hot bed still want to live the same lifestyle with good access points and walkability.  It took many years for Hyde Park to gentrify.  I dont believe KC is like Austin or other cities that explode in short time with demand surges in these areas, but over the course of the next decade, I would not be surprised to see these areas turn.  

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