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Hello BP, I am learning how fun it is to be an out of state landlord as I have had a few occurrences come up in the past month.  Emergency service on a boiler during Milwaukee's brutal winter (twice) and now a garage door that is not functioning.  The boiler situation has been remedied, although at an astronomical cost but I now sit here with this garage door that does not function.  

I called my usual service man but he does not appear to be returning calls or is to busy to do so.  I was wondering if anyone in the Milwaukee area knew of a reputable and reasonable garage door company?  I think reasonable being the key word.  The company which I used for the boiler (not my usual business) absolutely raked me over the coals and I am hoping to avoid that again for the garage door.  

Any help is appreciated!

Milwaukee, Garage Door

@Andy J.   I had Geis install a garage door at my duplex and they did a good job for a fair cost. I believe they also do service work. At least a name to start with, though that is the only experience I had with them so hold no strong allegiance or recommendation. Another place I have used up on the north side of Milwaukee is Cedarburg overhead doors. They are a bit smaller so costs seemed pretty reasonable and were easy to work with. 

Good luck!

I know the people at Geis and they are nice people, however I don't know how much they charge.  I use an independent guy who has done garage door installs and repairs for like 30 years.  

I've used Geis for replacing doors and springs. A door not opening would first be a handyman job though. I use Affordable Rentals and their "rent a worker" service for this kind of stuff when I don't have time to do it myself.

I'll PM my guys number he is really good. He is reasonable and fast.

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