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Hi all, 

I am new to BP and just wanted to say hello. I was born and raised in Atlanta and am an intown resident. In the past, I have worked for myself buying, rehabbing and renting SF homes in intown markets and am looking to do so again as well as look at flips. I have been working as a developer for a prominent development firm working on large scale projects nationally as well as in Atlanta and am now looking to do some investment on the side.

While I have a lot of strategic and market knowledge I am looking to get a better feel for creating a real estate team (contractor and property manager would be the first two needed) as well as ideas on sourcing deals (I have not seen many attractive deals on MLS in quite a while).

Anyways, just saying hello and look forward to connecting with everyone. 


@T B.  Welcome to BP! Everyone here is extremely helpful. I am sure you will find everything you need here on BP. Good luck with everything and feel free to reach out if theres anything I can assist you with. 

Hi T, 

Welcome to BiggerPockets hands  down the best real estate social community site. I am a MF/SF investor, realtor and entrepreneur here in Atlanta. 

It's challenging to find good deals in Atlanta as the property valuations don't make sense in most cases from an investing stand point. I have been looking at SF and MF properties ITP Atlanta and the properties that meet the criteria end up in all cash offers or bidding wars. 

@Todd Whiddon  @Abhi Golhar  @Rick Baggenstoss  can most likely provide input on contractors as they are active in Atlanta 

@Ali Boone knows of a good property manager here in Atlanta and is a great resource to have in your network here on BP 

Anyways make sure to setup key word alerts

Look forward to connecting with you and meeting you in person. 

Good Luck

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