Looking for Networking Groups in Norfolk County, Massachusetts for Commercial Investors

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I am familiar with a South Shore REIA group that meets in Needham (I believe?), but are there other REIA groups in the South Shore and Norfolk county areas for networking with commercial real estate investors? Any other good networking groups in the area?



@Kimberly Dawson  

South Shore REIA meets tonight in East Wareham, Rockland Thursday night, Taunton Tues the 20th. There is also a meeting in Plymouth. Waltham has the Black Diamond event.


Thanks, Account Closed 

Rockland might work, but I'm hoping to find a group in the eastern portion of Norfolk County (Milton, Dedham, Needham, Westwood, Canton, Quincy, and Braintree areas).

I'd like to attend the Black Diamond events in Waltham, just have had some scheduling conflicts the past month or two.  I might make this month's event, though.

@Kimberly Dawson   You may want to start a commercial group.

Usually there's three or four Commercial folks at a meeting but when I advertise Commercial no one shows.

Thanks @Mike Hurney  

Interesting about the no-shows.  I would think there would be a bigger presence of commercial investors.  I suppose most are focusing on less than 4-unit multi-families.  

Starting a commercial group may not be a bad idea.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Kimberly, discussing commercial is all about attracting experienced investors.  If the makeup of the group is largely beginners, and the group targets beginners as target market, there may be interest in commercial, but not enough experience in the attendees to give you the results you want in networking.  

So you should look for commercial topics and attend those particular events.  The next 4 Black Diamond events all have subjects of interest to commercial investors, in particular January Waltham, February Worcester and February Waltham.  But all the topics are different.  To my knowledge, there is  no one group that focuses on commercial only.  Seasoned investors are too busy to attend a lot of meetings, so if the grup is commercial only, you get spotty attendance.  They tend to show up when the particular subject interests them.  

@Kimberly Dawson

Since you're a Commercial Broker, you could start with your contacts and have a Deal of the Week (the best Commercial property you can find) then analyze it for the 4 Advantages (principal paydown, cash on cash return, etc) and another 3 of Metrics (cap rate, etc).

I'm not sure you'd have the draw in Massachusetts from bigger pockets because about 95% of folks on here are looking to Flip, Wholesale or Buy Apartment Buildings with no money down. I don't begrudge them, that's where we all started at one time and at least they are studying it.

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