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Anyone know if there is a Boston MA meet up? I live in Brockton.


Hi Mike

I am interested in wholesaling. As we speak right now I have a few leads and a contract in process from seller I am hoping to find a buyer soon. Please if you have any info on meet up in Brockton I would truly appreciated



Hi Lourdemir

Lots of meetings around.

Being in Brockton first ones to check out are the Eastern Mass REIA, with meetings in Rockland and Taunton. I believe that Rockland is tomorrow.

Doesn't seem that the site is fully updated but in the calendar it does show Rockland for tomorrow (but don't see the next Taunton one on there).

Besides that there are lot of other options. The South Shore REIA in down by the Cape (Think they just changed locations so not sure exactly where now) and there is a meetup in Plymouth. Going more towards Boston I'd highly recommend the Black Diamond meeting in Waltham.

I have an Open house for a vacant 3 family this Sunday from 10:30Am - 12pm, Sunday Oct 16th, 2016 if your interested. Vacant and clean. MLS #72080620. Let me know if there is any interest in it. Thanks.

Came too late to the post as MLS 72080620 suggests a single family in Bellingham, Mass

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