Where are the REIA meetings heard in the DMV?

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There is one meeting in Southern Maryland (Laplata) that's happening on the 20th. I was able to partake on a meeting last night (Capital City REIA, Deals meetup) that was great!! (click here) This was hold in Lanham Md. and hosted by Andre Johnson.  

An investor of mine wants to see what goes on at these meetings for himself.  Does anyone know if there is a meeting in Fairfax Virginia?  If so, where?

Thanks BP!!

Check out Traction REIA (www.tractionreia.com) - it's the national REIA for the area and I'm a member. They have monthly meetings, a women's investor group (WIN) and have a weekend (guru) seminar monthly (reasonably priced, usually good info, you don't have to buy the guru program to get a lot out of it)

Also there are many meetup groups that are local and good for networking. 3 that I attend - and recommend - are CAZA Real Estate Investors, CAZA Haymarket Real Estate Investors, and REI Roundtable.

There is the Capital REIA in Fairfax. Our next meeting is scheduled for Jan 27th at 7:30. We'll have a title attorney talking about doing Contracts for Deed among other hot topics.

This meeting is hosted by myself, John Rubino and Roger Lin.  

Here's a link to our Facebook Page.  We're also listed here on BP.


Perfect @Justin Pierce, but where is it located?  I may be doing myself a disservice by not having a Facebook page.  I have a Youtube page, IG but not Facebook.  Maybe because in the earlier days of Facebook, it got me in trouble.  Well, I got my ownself in trouble..... but Facebook helped me to get into more trouble!! :) 

I know everybody in the Faixfax, Woodbridge area wants to  know.  

Thanks J!!

@Justin Pierce When is your next meeting in Northern VA? I went to the FB page and it did not show any events coming up. Thanks

Capitol Investors meetup in East Falls Church.

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