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Hello BiggerPockets World,

Anyone in the Philadelphia area that is member of their REIA chapter, organized under I looked through the website which seems quite antiquated and cumbersome. To really be able to access it and see what it is about, you need to be a member with a paid membership. Their is a very tiered scale to membership, but I'm just wondering if there is any benefit to being a member to, if I already attend their Meetup's here in Philadelphia and the surrounding area and I'm already a member of BiggerPockets, which seems to have a more functional website, better resources and greater networking reach.

I don't mind paying for membership, I just want to make sure that there is a benefit, and the website doesn't go into great detail listing the benefits well enough to convince me yet.

Thanks for any advice or input!

Best of luck!


@Patrick O'Neill  I can't comment on DIG as I've never been a member, but I recommend HAPCO. They also have an antiquated site but the fee is minimal and the services/networking are worthwhile. 

Perhaps Joe Scorsese or @Steve Babiak can help answer your question. I always have trouble with linking to members who haven't posted in the thread though. @joescorese @Steve Babiak 

The meet ups are probably not DIG events, except for some that I know @Joe Scorese leads. If you aren't being asked to show your DIG membership, it isn't DIG (or the group leader is not following the rules for these subgroup meetings). 

The main DIG meetings were held in Fort Washington, but starting in January 2015 the meetings move to Horsham. DIG covers all sorts of investing topics. DIG has some 101 level training events that give an introduction to investing in RE. The DIG website should have some sections that do not require membership; let me know if you as a non-member are unable to access certain specific sections of the site, and I can check whether that should be public or members only. 

HAPCO is a Philadelphia only group that is focused on rental property. Very good resource for landlords in Phila. 

If you want, I can PM you some more DIG details. 

Hey Thanks @Lucas Pfaff  ! I haven't even heard of HAPCO, so I'll definitely check it out and I'll be sure to join as a member. Also, thanks for referring me to Joe Scorsese and @Steve Babiak  . I''ve RVSP's to a Meetup that he is hosting/attending soon, so I'm glad that you mentioned his name. Thanks again!

@Steve Babiak  thanks for the rundown on how DIG works as it relates to meetings. Do you think that the membership is worth what you are able to access and accomplish via the DIG website? I'm happy to pay but want to know what the value for the dollar is, that's all. As I'm interested in rental property, I'll be sure to look HAPCO up and that would be great if you PM me more details or any advice, information, etc. that you think would help me along the way. Do you get into Philly often? If so, let me know and we can meet up for a drink. Thanks again!

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