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Hi guys,

I'm going to be in the Orlando, FL area next week (Jan 25-28). I'm an investor myself and I  work with a circle of investors. I'm always looking to diversify and find new markets to invest in, and I heard that Orlando has some good potential, but am still uneducated about the market. 

I'd be interested in setting up a couple of meetings with property managers, brokers / real estate agents, wholesalers, and anyone who would be knowledgeable about the market that we'd be able to connect and work together in the Orlando market. 

Thanks for your help, guys!

Hey, Roy. I am a local broker and wholesaler in the Central Florida area. I have lived in the Orlando area my entire life and am very knowledgeable of the area. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Greg, thanks for reaching out. I e-mailed you to schedule a meeting.

Hey Roy, I like @Account Closed  am also a local wholesaler/ RE investor who is from Orlando. Please feel free to PM me to talk more about this. 

@Roy K.  Hey Roy, I am with an investor friendly title company here in Orlando and actually have closed for both Greg and Justin above. I would love to sit down with you as well if you have the time. Since most of my business is for investors I can tell you all the good from the bad since you are coming into the area new. Use me as a resource.

Thank you,

Hello @Roy K.  I would love to also meet with you and discuss what investments you are looking for. We have 14 houses for sale right now in all price ranges and locations so feel free to PM me and we can talk.

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