anchorage alaska recommendations?

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hello, I am currently working on my first deal here in anchorage Alaska. While I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about all aspects of REI, it has made me realize that I have no idea in which way to look for good services here in my local area.

Does anybody have some good recommendations for common real estate related companies here in anchorage? A good GC, an investor friendly closing company, a good handyman, real estate attorney, or just anybody that may have been a help to your business. I am guessing there are a few others here in anchorage with the same questions. thanks for any and all replies!

Hello Nathan,

As we haven't talked before, Welcome to the best REI resource I know of! I learned as much in my first year here on bigger pockets as I did in 6 years of doing it myself. Can't overemphasize the value of this place. Have you checked out any of the local clubs yet? There's a meeting of the REX club next week. It's a great way to start networking with some like minded individuals.

Now to your question, yes I have a great handyman I can turn you on to, as well as a GC (if you can get him, right now he's booked 2 month out). But we're always looking as well. When you find the right guys, make sure you treat them right, (ie: pay promptly, be VERY CLEAR in your scope of work, and be easy to do business with) you want to be first on their priority list. 

I'll try to get some of my friends here to jump in as well. How 'bout it @Roy Schauer, @Kassandra T., any advise for Nathan? 

Just send me a message and I'll be happy to share. Again, welcome!

@Nathan Hickman  welcome to BP! There is a REX meeting this coming Tuesday at the Fairview Recreation Center at 630pm. It will be on taxes and tax law changes that effect investors and real estate owners.  For more info go to:

@Scott Sewell  is right about finding good contractors and treating them good.  So far I've had really good contact with Samantha Buchite at Stewart Title. She's great dealing with hiccups and follow-up on details.  If you get a chance to talk with @Kassandra T.  , their company deals with a lot of different vendors and she could recommend several. Plus they also manage properties and even handle evictions and tenant screening for property owners that are not comfortable doing those aspects.

Thank you for the responses @Scott Sewell  @Roy Schauer  , it is always great to hear from local investors. I am definitely going to try and make it to that meeting on Tuesday and any there after. I also want to put it out there to anybody in the real estate realm here in anchorage, if you need a hand with anything, id be glad to help where I can. I also work as a commercial plumber for hunter mechanical international corp, we do great work and pick up residential jobs here and there and can probably get you a pretty good bid if you need some plumbing work done.

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