Oklahoma and Texas probate inquiry

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Hello BP,

Just wanted to get some ideas from those of you who have done some probate marketing in these states. I did some research in OK but seems every executor or personal representative I came across was represented by an attorney.  Do all estates in OK have to be handled by an attorney? Just today I sent a letter to an attorney representing an estate in GA so I'm game to send things to them just want to make sure this is the case.

Also wanted to if those of you in Texas have to visit courthouses in specific counties or are you able find leads online?  And does TX use attorneys for all estate transactions? 



I sent yellow letters to the representatives themselves, but in both cases I've worked with so far the attorneys have had to be involved. In Oklahoma, until the probate case has been completely discharged, the court has to approve any and all property sales, so you have to be in contact with the attorney. As a result, it might be easier just to reach out to the attorney. My thought about it is, the personal representative will be more interested in selling the house quickly and getting it all wrapped up, so they'll be a better target for the marketing aspects of things. Just my $.02. 

Thanks @kyle critchnau how do you get the PR's address?  All of the notices I read have the PR name but all of them were followed by c/o ABC law firm. Are you using a paid lead source?  



Don't waste your time mailing probate letters to the attorneys. 

It creates extra work for legal staff to open then throw it away. Seriously.

If you are going to market to estate reps, mail, mail, call or knock or do all three.

Your objective is to find problems that tgey either cannot or chose not to solve that you can and will resolve. If no problem to create the catalyst, then you are just as much a distraction to them as you are to the attorney. 

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