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I am buying a personal property and having a VERY difficult time finding anything that will suit my needs. SO, rehabbing for my handicap  son is in my very near future.

 I was wondering if anyone in the Atlanta area can give me a contact for getting a house retrofitted for a wheelchair?  Its mainly for the bathroom as most houses built before 2002 are not required to be accessible with larger doors or ample room to accommodate a wheelchair.  

Thanks in advance for the help


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Look for a remodeler with a CAPS designation.  Even though the "Aging in place" moniker is a bit of a misnomer, the spirit of the designation is "Universal Design" or designing / remodeling homes with accessibility in mind. 

Check out the Atlanta HBA and NARI sites for folks experienced with that type of rehab.

What part of Atlanta are you looking to purchase and I may be able to recommend someone specific.

I am looking in the west cobb, paulding area.



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This post has been removed.

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