Longview Wa

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Looking into investind long distant in Longview? How is the area around Lower Columbia college . Do alot of out out of town kids rent in the area ?? How safe is the area? Would you rent there?? 

There are so many properties there to invest!

@Mehran Kamari Thanks.... thats funny seeing your name ? Just got done listening to Podcast 73 . Might have to contact you later for advise regarding this property i found online THANKS

Leo, I invest and live in Longview, WA.  We went through Oahu and the big island this summer, can see why you are looking to invest elsewhere!

I would venture that most Lower Columbia College students either live at home or are adults going back to school.  We rented to brothers who attended there, but they couldn't keep a roommate and had to give up our unit.

LLC is working to be a 4 year college, but isn't there yet. Longview itself doesn't have growth potential, we are a bit of gluttons for punishment to live or invest here.

As far as safety, the college butts up against a nice neighborhood, but also against a park where homeless people sleep.  I would not go very far on foot in the dark, feel safe in the daylight.  I might rent there, but the area is very variable, so I'd be pretty choosy.  Mostly older and even historic buildings, imagine it is high maintenance cost.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @Michele Fischer  !!! My son might be attending LCC in athletic scholarship, and since we are going to be there ... Why not ?!?!? There are a few multi , duplexes and apts that look good ?? Gonna have to call an agent out there or the listing agents ?  Know any body that can inspect the properties for my out there ??? Thanks again !!!

@Michele Fischer  I was thinking about purchasing. Looking at a multi unit right next to LCC . The idea is to make some cash flow to off set some of the college costs , want to contact listening agent but , the kid is still getting offers from other schools 

@Michele Fischer um this would be my first investment, so I'm gonna have to do more research. I think I'll be contacting listing agent to see if the units are rented and at what prices? I also need to learn about cap rate , NOI all that stuff, and even if he doesn't go to LCC I think I like it anyways? Check it out on zillow it's on maple , 7unit for like $390,000

Thanks again