Is there a Longmont or northern CO REIA already? If not, is there any interest?

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Hi there.

I'm in Longmont, CO and the drive to the Denver BP meetup just doesn't happen for me. Traffic means I have to leave hours beforehand.

I know there are other investors in Longmont, is there a Longmont meetup or is there any interest in a Longmont meetup?

Would love to take ideas for times, meeting place, etc.

ICOR has meeting in Co Springs, Denver and I beleive Loveland/Ft Collins.

They are affiliated with national REIA

Great group

Good Luck!

@Mindy Jensen  yes sometimes it is difficult to make the Denver group too - but more because my schedule than the traffic.  I would be interested in a Longmont group as I am in between and would love to network with people from that area.  I don't think the Denver group sees too many people from Northern Colorado coming to these meetings.  I think having it a different day/week of the month would be great too!

Are you willing to lead the group?  If so, you may want to talk to @Anson Young  , @Joshua Dorkin  or @Brandon Turner  to ensure that someone isn't already slated for that area and the requirements. 

There are no real requirements besides : 1. do you want to host it?  2. post the info here to get the word out.

Longmont would be great, we dont get too many people from up north, but I think there is enough people in Longmont/Greeley/Ft Collins that would want to have a networking meetup!

pine financial hosts a meet up in the area, usually around Loveland.  

Plenty of Real Estate Clubs in Colorado. None that I know of in Longmont. I go to ICOR a lot and when I was getting started drove to Denver, though I've never gone to the BP meetup. ICOR sells like a normal REIA but was started by newbie investors that needed to network and learn. And in NoCo at least several real deal flippers or landlords generally show up along with a crowd of newbies, long time wantabee's and small time investors.

Free good one is

James and Brian are both really smart, tons of analysis and brain power there and I trust them. James Orr is my buying realtor though I don't focus on the MLS much anymore though he did wholesale me a deal last year and connected me to another wholesaler I bought 2 deals from last year. Brian's an active landlord and investor and funny enough I owe him a wholesale.

Louisville has a good sounding one but I've never been - looks more like small time investors pulling together.  lives in Longmont.  He has a couple of rentals I believe but is a popular blogger on living, cheap, saving up and getting financially independent with investments and living simply.  

So I would think you could have a meetup and pull in some different investors from different realms.  Usually I don't make stuff at night but can get away during the day, though I wouldn't be a regular attendee for Longmont driving from work in Loveland. 

Plus Colorado has a ton of Guru's.  My favorite real estate trainer is Mike Jake in the springs.  I highly recomend all his courses and I would bet his meeting and especially the training are very valuable.  

But many real deal people like Mark Ferguson probably never go to REI club meetings so you maybe have to research your market and reach out to meet the real players in Longmont.

@Mindy Jensen  

I would be interested in something more local.  Both Denver and Loveland are a little far for me on weeknights.  All of the breweries in Longmont are great places to meet up.  They have enough of a casual feel to make most people feel comfortable.  

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