Canadian Investor looking for Team in Atlanta/Charlotte - Recommendations? Advice? Joint ventures?

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Hi all, I am a new investor working out of Toronto. I was originally looking to start in Canada, but I have changed directions and am currently looking for long term connections and investments in Georgia and North Carolina/SC. My partner and I are aiming for SF rental properties primarily, but if a good deal shows up then we'd like to do multifamily properties as well. My main focus right now is on buy and hold, but in order to raise capital I am open to rehab/flips as well.

As such, I am looking for real estate agents in the areas surrounding Atlanta and Charlotte who could act as the local partner in our business ventures. I am searching for realtors who could actively send me listings based on our criteria, provide CMAs for good leads, and pretty much act as the on-site partner. I'd like to get many LOI going out and would compensate for your help with each deal that comes through you, and hope to build a long term relationship.

Would anyone in the Atlanta or Charlotte region have good recommendations for friendly agents or brokers?  I am actively searching for good leads and deals through FSBOs myself, so we could even have a referral fee operation going if interested.

I can be a good contact for Charlotte. I am not licensed. I  am a wholesaler, rehabber and land lord here. Please message me so we can talk more


I have homes for sale in Charlotte. I am an investor. Let me know exactly what your looking for. I can sell you renovated & rented homes for 60k each. If you buy 5 or more i can do 58K. 

Thank you for the reply @Nasar Elarabi  and @Dave Fontana I've sent you a PM. 

And @Azeez K.  thanks for your PM and the referrals! I will reach out to them as well. :) 

Hello Andrea.  I am an Agent here in Atlanta.  I would be more than happy to help you out with finding properties here in Atlanta.  I currently have one out of state investor that I am acting as a middle man for.  I took care of all cleaning/repair work for his tax deed property and now have it listed.  It would be sold already if the county didn't mess up the title.  And Im always looking for good investment properties so let me know if you are still looking for any assistance.  Thanks.

Originally posted by @Account Closed  , through BiggerPockets and he may want to weigh in on his experience.  I can't speak for Tom, but I am always open to discuss mutually beneficial partnerships.  I'll send you a PM as well.  

@Account Closed   I work for a Full-Service Real Estate team that specializes in buying and selling homes for Investors.  We also provide Property Management services and manage over 300 homes.  We work with many out-of-state as well as international investors.  I would love to send you some information about our services via email and also give you some contact information.

Hi Andrea, I'm a licensed agent and investor in the Metro Atlanta area. I'd be happy to send you property based on your buying criteria.  Let me know what your looking for and the format you need the properties to be presented to you to make your buying decisions.

I work with a good TK in Charlotte, let me know if I can help. 

@Account Closed  I'm only willing to partner with you if you get to know Atlanta.  :-)  You really need to come down and get to know the area, the people, the changes, and figure out where in Greater Atlanta you'd be comfortable.   

Best of luck! 


@Account Closed

I'm only willing to partner with you if you get to know Atlanta. :-) You really need to come down and get to know the area, the people, the changes, and figure out where in Greater Atlanta you'd be comfortable.

@Rick Baggenstoss gave you the most sincere words for your question. Rick has helped me with many local info.

You got to know the local market. I did my homework after NV into GA & NC market. Both areas are so huge, it is very hard to just saying "Buy & Hold Or flip". Some renters in US are a totally different Clientele than Canada. email@Jay Hinrichs , he has written a ebook for out of town investors & ask for a copy.

I had been in GA market for 3 years now; since I am out of country just like you. I am still scratching the surface of the local market condition.

I was very fortunate to meet few of the BP members in Atlanta. Me & @David Begley JV one deal last summer, He is licensed & have MLS access. He is very knowledge to local market as well.

Property management will be one of the biggest hurdles for most out of state. Pay special attention to this area.

@Azeez K.   has a very interesting site for north Atlanta, check out his site under his signature.

@Andrew Cordle has a very educational rehab site & free info, check him out. Very beautiful work done on many of his projects.

Just wondering if you get your business entity set up yet. IF Not, consult with a cross-border accountant & lawyer; set up first before you purchase your US investment.

@Account Closed  

I thought I would reach out to you as many people above tagged my name as a resource for ATL Market. 

I mainly do flips and or new builds. So if you ever need any help finding houses for flips, or contractors for flips, or anything like that please let me know. I would say in the last 10 years I have done well over 500 transactions. And right now I have around 10 projects going anywhere from 100k to Million plus. 

Please let me know if I can help you with anything. 


Atlanta native here and looking for potential JV partners as well. I sent you a PM, but we focus on Flips and for our investors we look for buy and hold strategies.

It looks like some amazing folks are here as well, we're a little smaller then many of these posters.

Thanks for the mention @Azeez K.  

 @Account Closed  -- I'm a broker at a brokerage that caters to investors.  We focus on distressed SFRs.  I'd be happy to help in any way I can.


I am a landlord in the Charlotte area. Let me know if you want to connect. I am currently looking for an investor to  buy 4-plexes   

Thank you for your straight up advice @Rick Baggenstoss   and @Tom Yung   I definitely have much more research and acquainting to do for those markets! 

I figured I would take things one step at a time, and so for now I wanted to connect with people who are experienced with the area, and gain some insight from them as well. I will keep in mind to give proper attention to property management once I've reached that stage in the game, thanks for the heads up. I just discovered many more resources thanks to the references from the helpful people on this thread, so I intend to get working on my part of the homework. ;) 

As for the business entity, I haven't gotten it set up just yet, but I am acquainted with an excellent US/Canada tax and asset protection lawyer who is an expert in that matter and he can help me with it once I have the property ready to go.

@Ricardo S.

I'm interested in the 4-plexes you mentioned. Please send me a message with more info.

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