Ga REIA Club Meetings

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I have been looking online to find the next REIA club meetings in the Atlanta area, but while I was looking it hit me.

What will I do there?

What will I say when I introduce myself to other seasoned investors?

Because for some reason in my mind I feel like it's a meeting with all seasoned investors making deals and they may not be interested in me wanting to volunteer my time to pick their brain.

Am I over thinking this? 

@Brooke Robinson

Yes I think you are for over thinking it. 

I have been to well over 100 different REIAs across the nation. What you will find, is that at most REIAs you will find 60% new investors, 30% Intermediate, and 10% high level. 

Being a new investor there you will fit in very well there. 


Yes, Brooke, you are over thinking this!!  Everyone at the meeting is friendly and interested in your success, and you might even find plenty of people who can be your mentors!  On top of that, investors buy and sell to each other, so you might find your first deal.  Get some business cards printed up that say "I buy houses", with your name and phone number.  Swap yours for theirs.  Especially important is getting THEIRS. 

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