Real State market in Columbia SC

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Newb from Rock Hill, SC. Interested in the Columbia market.
I have 2 SF rentals in town. Paid cash for both. Don't like being in debt. But since I can't find many deals/inventory around here, I'm looking at the Columbia market, and toying with the idea of leveraging and getting a Multifamilly like this:

I'm looking for 12%+ ROI on my money. Any PM recommendations in Columbia? How do you feel about Columbia's market?

I don't mind dealing with renters, if the rental is not too far from me, but for something this big, and this far, I'm thinking I would ratter use a PM.

What do you think?

@Paulus Anglada  ,

I'm an investor in Aiken with properties both here & in best Columbia.  If you are looking for a good PM, I will be happy to share mine.  I'll shoot you a PM with her contact info & web site.

Have you looked in the upstate Greenville, Greer etc?  I found a bunch of multi-family properties a few month ago that I really liked, just couldn't work out a deal with the seller.



@Jason Burr  I found a few properties on Loopnet.  I sent you a PM with a good commercial broker's email address.  Give him my regards.

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