Recommendation for a Roofer (Commercial) in New Britain (or Hartford)?

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Can someone recommend a roofer for a commercial property in New Britain, CT? Thanks in advance.

@Jonathan Makovsky we have a 100,000 sq ft warehouse in Manchester, CT that we added on to 5 years ago. The transitional rubber roof between the old and new warehouse was done by Dzen Roofing and the rest of the warehouse is a metal seam roof which was done by steel workers for Antonulli (our GC on the project). So I guess my recommendation would be Dzen. We have only dealt with them once which was during the original construction. That is a good thing because we have not had to all them back for any issues.  

Hope this helps!

I can possibly make some recommendations based on what type of roof you want or maybe what type to building you haven so you can explored some different options. 

@Jonathan Makovsky is it a pitched roof? If so, you could potentially get it fixed for free because of Windsheer. Your insurance company would cover the cost. (But afterwards your premiums might go up, so look into switching insurance companies haha).

I can tell you more about it when i see you tonight.

Or look for Charles Dobens from MA here on BP, he's a lawyer and real estate investor and he can tell you more.

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