Newbie REI looking for property management in DFW

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any recommendations on property management companies in the DFW area? I've researched a few using google and yelp reviews and many have fairly bad reviews. Which I take with a grain of salt, since most people are more vocal when unhappy with certain things. If it helps, I have a 2200 sqft 3-2-2 in the North Fort Worth area (Villages of Woodland Springs). I'd like to hear from other investors/owners about their experiences with the company they work with.


Hey Peter, did u recently purchase the property or have you had it for a while and need help with an exsiting problem? 

@Peter Phrasathane

To find good property management go to search for ARM certified property managers. Call 5 ask them where they currently manage properties. Ask them what they see expenses running per category per unit. What do they see them selling for per unit, what is the market occupancy rate. What are the market rents? Ask them if they know anything coming up for sale. Great way to pick up some good info and possibly a deal.

You can also search for the RMP (Residential Management Professional) and MPM (Master Property Manager) certified.


Rhondalette - I've owned this home since about 2007. My wife and I are moving in with her parents to help out. So instead of selling my home, I wanted to learn more about becoming a landlord and use the house as a starting point. So really no problems that needs fixing. I'd like to be able to purchase more properties in the future, but I'd like to try and build a good relationship with a property management company to get a good foundation. 

Paul - Thank you for the advice. I will look into those sites you've recommended and do some extra research. Would it be okay if I sent you a few questions when something stumps me?

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